Always strive to keep things as natural as possible – just the way Mother Nature intended. We take extra care to provide you with wholesome goodness, by sourcing 100% Chakki Fresh Atta with Choker”,made from golden whole wheat grains directly from farmers of India. We ensure its freshness with our 5 Step Advantage process of sourcing, cleaning, grinding, hygienically packed, and nutrition lockage. With its powerful whole wheat content and intact nutrient preservation in our packaging.


SANTUSHTI is a 100% natural-fresh whole wheat flour that offers numerous health benefits. We ensure farm to kitchen freshness by using only farm-fresh ingredients, making every bite of Santushti Atta packed with optimum nutrition and natural goodness. With essential vitamins and minerals, the atta aids digestion and boosts immunity, ensuring a healthy lifestyle. The unique traditional “Chakki Grinding” processing techniques ensure unmatched quality and taste, making it perfect for baking, cooking and more. Overall, Santushti Atta guarantees premium quality and freshness with every batch.


At SANTUSHTI, we take extra care to keep things as natural as possible. The way our nature intended for them to be. It is our quest to provide you with the wholesome goodness of whole wheat grains, which are sourced from the best farms in India.

Santushti atta is made by grinding the entire wheat kernel, including the bran (the outer coat of the wheat). It is carefully ground using the traditional “Chakki-Grinding” process, which ensures that Santushti atta is 100% atta and 0% maida and produces whole flour with a choker.

Thus, we ensure that you get high-quality chakki atta through our “5 Step Advantage Process” of sourcing, cleaning, milling, hygienically packing, and nutritional lockage. In this manner, we ensure that all the nutrients of the grain stay intact, so we can deliver the freshness of the whole wheat flour.

The dough that you will use to make Santushti atta absorbs more water compared to regular flour due to the presence of bran (the outer layer of the wheat), which contains higher fibre content; hence, the roti remains softer for a longer time. This means you can serve your family softer and fluffier rotis all the time.


SANTUSHTI’s Uttermost Mission is to,

Fulfill your healthy demand

Many people are increasingly seeking whole grain products for their potential health benefits. That is why SANTUSHTI is supplying whole wheat flour with choker as a response to this demand and a way to cater to health-conscious consumers.

Giving you nutritional benefits

Santushti Whole Wheat Flour Atta contains the choker/ bran (wheat bran is the highly nutritious part and present outside the wheat kernel), which are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. One of our vital missions is to promote healthier eating habits and provide you with more nutritional options.

Offers Traditional Practise

We follow and offer you the traditional practice with 5 advanced techniques practiced for centuries. Supplying whole wheat flour with choker is the only way to preserve and promote the traditional milling methods and cater culture, providing you with a 100% essence of eating Atta “Santushti se.”